Project: 1-Year Program focusing on education, health, science, technology, cultural awareness, and/or economics for disadvantaged youth and their families. 
Grant Award Amount:   Up to $1,000 (Maximum Amount) 
Eligible Applicants:   Non-profit Agencies 501(c)(3)
Due Date:  May 15, 2024 - DUE DATE HAS BEEN EXTENDED
Distribution of Funds:   June 29, 2024


Request For Proposals Application


The Ivy Center of Huntsville/Madison County Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization with a mission to enhance the quality of life for individuals and organizations through charitable contributions and programs/activities that promote the significance of education with an emphasis on science and technology, leading healthy lifestyles, creating cultural awareness, and helping individuals migrate towards financial independence and economic empowerment.

The Ivy Center of Huntsville/Madison County Foundation, Incorporated is committed to contributing to the formulation of a positive, productive and culturally diverse society. The Ivy Center Foundation focuses on family life skills through education, cultural enrichment, health and wellness, and civic involvement. Implementation of the mission is realized through strategies such as public information workshops, educational symposiums, economic development seminars, and business skills training.

The Ivy Center Foundation recognizes the importance and magnitude of ensuring literacy, cultural awareness, optimal health and the economic survival of disadvantaged youth and their families. To this end, the Ivy Center Foundation seeks partnerships with local non-profit agencies that share the same mission and vision. 


The Ivy Center Foundation seeks competitive proposals that mirror the mission of the Foundation. This is done in part as a mechanism to broaden outreach efforts and maximize the impact on individuals in the community. 


  • To develop and/or extend programs/activities that target disadvantaged youth and their families with an emphasis on education, cultural awareness, healthy living, and economic stability.
  • To keep accurate budgetary and programmatic evidence/artifacts to document executed programs/activities.
  • To provide an analysis of programmatic efforts based upon an evaluation of activities completed by project participants by the end of the grant.
  • Adhere to budgetary guidelines and be good stewards of monies allocated for programs/activities
  •  If selected, provide a Final Report, no later than 90 days after the project end date



A. General Instructions: All proposals must be no more than (6) double-spaced, 8.5”, single-side, typed, 12 font pages in length that include the following sections (Your writeup should focus on the proposed project versus selling the organization):

i. Project Design- provide specific details regarding how the project activities will be implemented.

ii. Evidence of Need- provide details regarding program requirements.

i. Personnel- identify the persons who will be responsible for organizing and implementing the project (GRANT CANNOT BE USED TO PAY PERSONNEL/SALARIES)

iv. Work/Management Plan-provide a timeline regarding when (i.e. dates) specific tasks will be completed.

v. Reporting- provide an analysis of the project based on evidence gathered from evaluations completed by participants.

vi. Budget- include an itemized listing of items needed for implementation with justification.

vii. Potential Impact to the Community –describe the impact your program will have on the community

B. If you were a recipient of a Ivy Center of Huntsville/Madison County Foundation, Incorporated Grant, a copy of your final report MUST be submitted with your application. 

DEADLINE: The deadline for submission is May 15, 2024.  You are required to submit an upload of the application to the following form: 

If selected, funds will cover projects being executed between June 2024 and May 2025.  Funds will be presented at the annual White Linen Brunch which is sponsored by The Ivy Center Foundation on June 29, 2024.



All proposals will receive points based on the following:  
  Maximum Points
a. Quality of Project Design  (20 total points)
b. Evidence of Need (15 total points)
c. Quality of Project Personnel  (10 total points)
d. Quality of Work/Management Plan (15 total points)
e. Reporting (15 total points)
f. Budget (10 total points)
g. Potential Impact to Community (15 total points)
  100 points maximum

Proposal Format:
Section I – Application
Section II – Project Information
Section III - Budget



Request For Proposals Application